Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some of my outdoor area ideas! These are ideas/toys that are used on the concrete driveway...

Our outdoor book nook...It is also used for dramatic play!

Our cart of game supplies...Balls, Hoola Hoops, Frisbees, Horseshoes, Badminton and more.

Dramatic Play Masks...These are made with large popsicle sticks (you could use dontated paint stirrer sticks) and the animal shaped paper plates (purchased at Walmart) with the animal eyes cut out...The kids love them

This is my shelves of obstacle course supplies

Rough and Rugged Trikes

Block Play and Outdoor Vehicles

Baby Doll Strollers, Baby Dolls and Baby Doll Bed/Highchairs/Bathtub...These items were too big and bulky for my indoor environment and work perfectly outside.

Our workbench fully supplied with tools, tape measures and other fun stuff

A little table used for quiet time, breaks, etc.  I also have a plastic little tykes picnic table available.

This is actually a little tykes bed converted into an outdoor play toy.  Just removed the matress and it has worked great (Thanks so much to a fellow daycare provider, who gave me this great idea...Thanks, Carol!)


  1. I absolutely LOVE the reading area. Now, I will be on the look out for a bed like this!

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