Monday, March 5, 2012

Display and Storage Ideas

                                                                       Cubby for the Kids's Shoes

                                                                           Parent Informational Center (WIC Info, Child Subsidy Info, Sex Offender List, Food Program Info, DCFS License, Credential Certificates and Accreditation Certificate, Tornado and Fire Drill Log, CPR/First Aid Cards, and other miscallaneous info     

                                                                               Our Daily Job Chart  (I change their names weekly)

                                                                                          Daily Schedule (I provide a picture and the written explanation of our daily activities.  I do not include times, because our days are based on the interests and activities of the kids.

                                                                                             File Folder Games (these are changed out weekly - See the picture below to see where I store them)

                                                                                      Children's Cubbies, Art Supplies, and 6 totes of File Folder Games

                                                                                           This area is located in the hallway bewteen two bedrooms.  The wire system and totes fit perfectly on the unused wall.

                                                                                              How I store my blankets, pillows, and cots.  The children have individualized places so their blankets and pillows do not touch for sanitary reasons and the cots are stacked so the sheets do not touch one another.  This is located in a closet next to my bathroom.

                                                                        Coat hooks with children's coats hanging.  For sanitary purposes, the children's articles of clothing should not touch.

                                                                       Bags I use to keep their coats from touching.  They place their coats, hats, etc in the bag.

                                                                                        Another view of the blankets and pillows being stored.

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