Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sensory Hands

Sensory Hands...These are cheap and easy to make and virtually free to make.  I used non-latex gloves that were donated to me.  I filled each glove with a different texture (flour, rice, split peas, kidney beans, cotton balls, oatmeal and I think they are red beans).  Any filling will work and flour is the favorite one.  It is super soft and fun to play with.  I used string and made lots of knots to tie them off.  I have had these hands for a couple of years and they have yet to break open.  But if they do, they are easy to re-make :-)  I have also seen this done with balloons (you just fill a balloon and don't inflate them).


  1. I just made some of these. Great idea for the science area! Thanks! :)

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