Monday, November 14, 2011

Cheap and Easy Bulletin Board Idea

For a cheap and easy bulletin board idea I started by purchasing white foam board at my local craft store (Michael's).  I used small tack nails to secure them to my wall.  I then covered the foam board with constuction paper with double sticky tape and finished the edges off with bulletin board edging (which can be purchased at a school supply store).  I then purchased foam letters at the craft store (99 cents each) and titled it Sandy's Kids.  I use this particular bulletin board to place pictures of the kids in my care.  I used staples to secure the pictures and bulletin board edges.  The staples worked great and are easy to remove so that I can add new pictures.  I have 3 other bulletin boards in my daycare room that are used for art projects.  The construction paper and edging can be changed easily for seasonal projects as well.  These are much cheaper to make rather than purchasing the thick wooden/cork boards.

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